Drywall Adhesive – Types and Features

Choosing drywall adhesive for bonding over traditional methods (nails) ensures that the job will be completed in nearly half the time while still being the more cost effective option and creating high-quality results. Therefore, it is no surprise why the more experienced drywall contractors typically choose drywall adhesive for their bids. With that said, if you are on the fence as to whether to use the adhesives or not, there are even more reason you should ultimately choose drywall adhesive.

There are dozens of different adhesives for bonding drywall. Despite such a large selection, it is necessary that you choose the right adhesive for application. Choosing the right adhesive and having the appropriate bonding conditions will ensure that the quality of your drywall construction project is not compromised. So how can you be sure that you have selected the right adhesive? Well, there are 3 main groups of adhesives—construction, subfloor, and drywall.

Assuming your project involves drywall, we can clearly discount the other 2 categories. Next, you will need to find out which adhesive works best for the job. In other words, can you use an adhesive that is flammable solvent-based, latex-based or do you need a water-based adhesive? Moreover, weather conditions also matter, as some adhesive are harder to use during winter months and too messy during summer application. Additionally, depending on your particular project, you may want to use adhesive tape instead of adhesive glue.

Key Features
Besides minimizing nail popping, key features of most adhesives that can be used in drywall construction include the following:

 * Moisture proof or resistance and durability
 * Easy installation; fast grab
 * Reduces the transmission of sound
 * Corrects minor framing irregularities

Furthermore, the majority of drywall adhesives meet the required ASTM standards.

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Ultimately, choosing or rather using drywall adhesives can cut costs, reduce the amount of labor necessary as well as improve quality by minimizing nail pops and other issues that arise with screws or nails. Thus, in general, it cannot hurt to use adhesive for drywall construction as many drywall contractors use a combination of nails, screws, and adhesives.

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