Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

It is no secret that humans are the most wasteful animals on the planet. Landfills are teaming with disposed of goods. When choosing to outfit your animal with their pet supplies in Fort Lauderdale, keep the environment in mind by making eco-friendly and environmentally conscious purchasing decisions. Below are a list of 3 of the most disposed of, wasteful types of supplies and their eco-friendly alternatives;

Cat Litter:  Clay cat litters have been the go-to for people to provide as a bathroom for their feline companions. A little known fact about this product is that clay is strip mined to produce the litter. This is an unsustainable and environmentally degrading method to extract a non-renewable resource. Furthermore, used clumping claw litter will never biodegrade in the landfill.

Eco-Friendly Solution: There are many fully biodegradable, sustainably formulated litters on the market like Swheat Scoop (made out of wheat) and World’s Best Cat Litter (made out of corn). The best thing about these products is that they are flushable! No more kitty waste fermenting in a bin or countless waste bags.

Pet Shampoo: Many dogs suffer from itchy, irritable skin. Typical pet shampoos on the market contain harmful chemicals and soaps. Sometimes these are too harsh for your dog’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, you are rinsing these products down the drain and into our environment.

Eco-Friendly Solution: By using a pet shampoo that is 100% natural, not only will your dog’s skin be protected but each ingredient is derived from a natural source. With most of these products, they will even go as far as ensuring that the bottle it comes in is also biodegradable. There are also multiple “do-it yourself” shampoos that can be found online as well!

Dog and Cat Toys: There is such an abundant variety of cat and dog toys available in Fort Lauderdale pet supply stores. These are the most disposed of pet supplies. Imported plastic toys that are manufactured in countries where environmental regulations are not as strictly enforced. These cheap toys usually don’t last long, ending up in the landfill.

Eco-Friendly Solution: In general, most cats prefer a paper bag or a tinfoil ball over plastic, brightly colored toys. Dogs love a good stick or a rope to chew on. When you do want to pamper you pet with a new toy, read the label. Ensure that it is a biodegradable, high quality product that practices environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

Being environmentally conscious is simply a responsible way of looking at our world. It is our duty to leave a better, cleaner planet for future generations. When purchasing pet supplies in Fort Lauderdale, keep our beautiful setting in mind when making pet pampering choices.

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