Elements to Include in a Landscape Design in Long Island NY

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Landscaping

While the home itself is to the liking of the new owner, the same cannot be said about the grounds. Whether the current layout is too plain or too busy, there is something that can be done to correct the situation. Here are some different elements of Landscape Design in Long Island NY that a professional may introduce as a way to create the look that the client wants.

Replacing the Shrubbery

One of the things that the client does not like is the shrubs that currently run along the backyard fence. While they do provide privacy, the amount of work needed to keep them trimmed is more than the homeowner is willing to invest. There are other ornamental shrubs that will require less work to maintain, and will also provide a reasonable amount of privacy. The landscaper may also recommend removing the shrubs and replacing them with a new privacy fence. That paves the way for adding flower beds that provide color and visual interest in the yard.

Expanding the Patio

The patio is just large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs and a grill. It would be nice to have more space to set up a table and chairs and a sitting area that would be ideal for having a garden party. By choosing to dig up some of the grass and expand the patio, the space can be transformed into the outdoor living space that the homeowner always wanted.

Adding a Gazebo

A popular addition to any Landscape Design in Long Island NY is a gazebo for the backyard. This type of covered seating area is ideal for curling up with a good book or having some quiet time after work. Gazebos come in a number of sizes and shapes, so it won’t be hard for a professional to find one that is a good fit for the space.

For any homeowner who needs some fresh ideas, today and take a look at what they’ve done for other clients. Arrange a consultation and listen to the ideas presented. In a few weeks, the front and back yards will look better than they have in years.

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