What to Know About Home Insurance in Austin TX

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Insurance

Most people who own a house know that Home Insurance in Austin TX is something they need to have. However, not all people actually realize exactly why it is so vital. Some people who have a homeowner’s insurance policy are not fully aware of exactly what that policy encompasses, either. Perhaps the most important little-known fact about Home Insurance in Austin TX is that it gives the policy holder liability protection.

Liability Protection

Liability insurance protection is one of the most important parts of any homeowner’s insurance policy. The purpose of this coverage is protection against the legal actions of others. Legal action against the homeowner can be taken by virtually anyone who ever sets foot on the property. This may include friends, relatives, random visitors, door to door salespeople or even delivery people. If any property visitor suffers an injury, they will typically hold the owner of the house responsible. Should any of those types of legal actions end up in a judgment against the homeowner, the home insurance will pay for it.

Contents Protection

When an agent like Patrick Court creates a homeowner’s insurance policy, it will typically include contents protection along with the basic protection for the building itself. The building will always be protected in case of disasters like fire, flooding, or other natural disasters. The contents of the home area almost always fully covered as well. It is very important to discuss exactly what the contents protection will include with your home insurance agent, however. Typical home contents like furniture, clothes, electronics such as computers and televisions, and other personal items are normally covered. The contents that may be covered only up to a certain level are the more costly or valuable ones. This may be items like jewelry, stamp collections, coin collections, and cash. If the homeowner wants to keep particularly valuable items within the house, for example, a high-value coin collection, the regular policy may not be enough. In that case, ask the homeowner’s insurance agent about purchasing a policy add-on called a rider. This allows for full protection of nearly anything in the home.

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