Why Consider Hardwood Flooring in Glenview for the Dining Room?

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Home Improvement

This spring, the homeowner wants to make some updates to the house. One of the things that needs to go is the carpeting in the dining room. Rather than replace it with new carpeting, why not consider the idea of using a combination of hardwood flooring in Glenview with an area rug under the table? Here are some of the advantages of using this approach.

Keeping the Floors Clean

Since the dining room is used almost every day, there is a lot of foot traffic. That means needing to vacuum the space, at least three or four times a week. Who wants to deal with hauling out the cleaner that often and moving the chairs out of the way? If there is hardwood flooring in Glenview, the homeowner can grab a dust mop and go over the floor quickly. For the carpet underneath the table, a manual rug sweeper will do the trick. Once or twice a month, the flooring can be cleaned with one of the newer mopping devices that uses disposable pads.

Dealing with Spills Quickly

During a party, someone accidentally spills a glass of wine on the dining room floor. If carpeting is present, action has to be taken quickly before the wine can stain the material. Since the hardwood flooring is sealed, it is easy enough for someone to walk to the kitchen, wet a clean cloth, then come back and wipe up the spilled wine with ease. There is no opportunity for a stain to set, so a few seconds of effort is all it takes to remedy the situation and get back to the party.

Adding Elegance to the Dining Room

There’s something about hardwood flooring that lends an air of class to any space. That includes the dining room. Even if the rest of the space is devoid of any architectural ornamentation, the beauty of the wood floor will enhance the look of the space. Matched with the right furnishings and accessories and even a plain room will look great.

For anyone who is seriously looking for a solution other than carpet for the dining room, visit AmericanCarpetDistributors.com and check out the options for hardwood flooring. The price will be reasonable and the installation will take less time than most people realize.

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