Eliminate Dandelions And Tips For Lawn Care In Milwaukee, WI

Eliminate Dandelions And Tips For Lawn Care In Milwaukee, WI

Dandelions are a common weed variety that can overtake a yard and destroy its uniform appearance. Yellow dandelion blossoms eventually turn into white seeds. The seeds have a fluffy appearance and are often carried by the wind. Seeds that are deposited to other parts of a yard will germinate, resulting in more dandelions. The following steps for lawn care in Milwaukee, WI will assist with eliminating dandelions and prohibiting weed growth.


  *     weed killer

  *     gloves

  *     face mask

  *     nontoxic herbicide

  *     weed puller

  *     trash bag

  *     grass seed

  *     sprinkler

Destroy And Pull The Weeds

Instead of tackling the weed problem by haphazardly pulling each one out of the ground, a weed killing agent should be applied to the dandelions. A weed killer will penetrate the roots and stems and kill each weed. As a result, weeds will become limp and will be much easier to pull from the ground.

Gloves and a face mask should be used while applying a herbicide because many varieties of this product contain harsh chemicals. A nontoxic product can also be used. This type of product will destroy weeds, but will not damage plants, trees or grass blades.

Weeds will wilt after a couple of days have passed. A weed pulling device can be used to remove weeds from the ground. Since dandelions were treated with a pesticide, all of the weeds should be placed in a trash bag before closing the bag.

Plant Grass Seed And Maintain A Lawn

There may be bare patches after removing weeds. A bag of grass seed that contains fertilizer should be purchased. If an individual is uncertain about the variety of grass that is growing in their yard, they should pull a few blades from the ground and bring the blades with them to a gardening center.

An associate at the center will assist with recommending a product that will produce the same type of grass. Grass seed should be sprinkled evenly across each bare surface. Small furrows can be created in the ground, so that grass seed remains intact once it has been sprinkled across the bare surfaces.

A sprinkler should be used to administer water to a lawn. Grass blades will emerge within a couple of weeks. During dry spells, a sprinkler should be used to water a lawn.

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