Eliminate Plumbing Faults Using an Expert Plumber in Murrieta

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Plumbing

Plumbing problems come in all types from simple clogs that slow down the drains to leaks that can easily ruin expensive cabinetry and finish materials. Thankfully, an experienced plumber in Murrieta can help by diagnosing the fault and making quick and effective repairs. For instance, a plumber can improve those slow drains by cleaning the pipe traps. Pipe traps, or P-traps, are those oddly curved pipes attached close to the drain. Their function is to prevent sewer gases from entering the building, and this is done by holding a bit of water in the crook of the pipe. Unfortunately, this system can also allow debris to collect and inhibit the flow of wastewater.

One of the worst problems a property owner can face is damage caused by hidden leaks. These are usually found under cabinets or in the walls and tend to be a slow drip or seepage. Leaks such as these can cause a lot of rot before the moisture is discovered. A plumber in Murrieta can help by using high-tech acoustic devices to listen for sound variances inside walls, floors, and cabinets. Leaking water can make a variety of sounds from the simple drip of a slow leak to the high-pressure spray from a major break. A trained plumber knows where to listen and what to listen for.

Unfortunately, some leaks may be well hidden such as those in pipes placed under the foundation. These problems often require some concrete cutting to access the damaged area, which makes these jobs very difficult. An expert plumber knows the best ways to deal with this type of plumbing fault and may have the means to prevent similar issues from occurring again.

Another common reason to call a plumber is a clog in the main sewer lines. These are the pipes that connect the home to the municipal system or a septic tank. The main lines tend to clog because the sewer system is a low-flow environment. This means that the sewage drains slowly and that sludge can build up very quickly. Eliminating the blockages may require the plumber to clean the pipes using a high-pressure system known as hydro-jetting. Learn more by contacting the professionals at KentPlumbingCo.net.

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