Eliminate the Side Effects of Treated Air Using Indoor Air Quality Systems

Eliminate the Side Effects of Treated Air Using Indoor Air Quality Systems

Temperature control is the primary function of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, but this method of air delivery has a few drawbacks. The most common is lowered air quality in the home. That is, the air becomes a little more toxic every day because the flow of fresh air between the inside of the home and the outdoors has been reduced. This can cause a number of problems for those folks that live in the home. For example, people that suffer allergies may have problems in a highly-insulated home unless the property owner invests in Indoor Air Quality Systems.

The key to handling this situation is to find the right product for the specific issue. For instance, if the home is becoming too dry during the winter, a common occurrence in many homes when the central heating is on, it may be time to consider a humidifier to add a little moisture. However, the toughest challenge to deal with involves dust and dirt. This is primarily due to the way HVAC systems filter the air before channeling it through the system. Unfortunately, most filters only trap a little of this junk as the air flows through it.

The key to keeping the air inside the home breathable is filtration, but this usually means an additional filter system or the use of a high-efficiency media filter. Standalone filtration systems tend to be the best option since they clean the air before it enters the comfort appliance. This means that less grime is accumulating inside the appliance and coating the evaporator coil. Dirt on this coil usually mixes with any condensation and eventually blocks the moving air from the cooler metal of the coil, or worse, blocks the flow of air through the coil.

If this is still not enough to clean the air properly, then Indoor Air Quality Systems can provide germicidal lights. Ultra-violet lights have been scientifically proven to kill certain germs, and this can be very important when family members have health issues. Even when those problems aren’t related to dust, dirt, or germs, they can affect a sick individual. Reducing the surrounding germs may speed up recovery.

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