Eliminating Silverfish in Marlboro NJ From A Home

Eliminating Silverfish in Marlboro NJ From A Home

Many people dislike having Silverfish in Marlboro NJ inside of their homes. If these pests are noticed, taking steps to remove them is necessary. Allowing silverfish to remain in a structure leads to possible damage to materials and personal belongings.

Here are some steps to take to help stop a silverfish problem.

Keep The Home Clean

Silverfish will stay in a home where they are able to get a readily-available food source. It is important to take time to clean the interior of a home on a constant basis to help reduce a silverfish population. Vacuum floors and wipe up counters to remove crumbs and food spills in their entirety.

Consider Using Paper To Trap

Silverfish are attracted to paper products. For this reason, keeping books, magazines, and newspapers in sealed containers is best to help keep these creatures from congregating among the pages. Using these items as traps is another possibility to help eliminate silverfish. Stack several old papers in an area where silverfish are known to hang out. After a day or two, bring the stack outdoors and burn it to kill any inhabitants. Doing this several times will help to reduce the number of these pests present in the home.

Dry The Air If Needed

Silverfish stay in spots where moisture is prevalent. Reducing the amount of moisture in the home will send these pests looking for new quarters to live. Fix any plumbing problems to stop leaking from occurring. Add a dehumidifier to a room known to have high humidity levels. Use fans or air conditioners to cool down and dry out humid spots as well.

Look For Areas To Get In

If there are spots on the outside of the home that silverfish are using as pathways to the interior, filling them in is necessary. Do this with the assistance of caulk or replace broken panels if needed.

When there is a need to contact a pest control service to help remove Silverfish in Marlboro NJ from a home, finding one that offers fast service is desired. Contact Freehold Pest Control to find out more about the services they provide.

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