Emergency Dental Services In Ocala Can Help Save A Broken Tooth

Emergency Dental Services In Ocala Can Help Save A Broken Tooth

Parents have a lot to worry about but trying to find emergency dental services in Ocala and elsewhere should not be one of them. The time to find an emergency dentist is before a child comes home with a broken, chipped or completely knocked out tooth. These teeth can be saved if quick action is taken and the child is taken to an emergency dentist in time.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Reduce bleeding by having the child bite down on sterile gauze or a clean handkerchief. Over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help with pain and swelling. Using a cold pack or ice bag on the outside of the mouth can also help. Never place anything really cold directly on the gums or skin as it can cause a cold burn. Have the child rinse out his or her mouth with warm water. Gather together all pieces of the tooth. Rinse it off but do not scrub or remove any fleshy parts. Place pieces in a wet paper towel and place in a plastic baggie or container. Placing the pieces of tooth in a container of milk is also okay.

Knocked Out Tooth

Treat to reduce bleeding and reduce pain and swelling. Like with a chipped or broken tooth, have the child rinse with warm water. Handle the tooth from the biting edge and not the roots. Try replacing the tooth for older children but not toddlers or younger kids. If the holes for the tooth can be clearly seen, gently fit the tooth back into the sockets. Place clean gauze or handkerchief over the tooth and have child gently bite down. This will help keep the tooth in place until the child can get emergency dental services in Ocala or elsewhere. If the tooth cannot be replaced, rinse the tooth off and store in a container of milk or in wet paper towels and a plastic baggie or small container.

Time is of the essence when trying to save a broken or knocked out tooth. This is why parents should know a good emergency dentist as well as a regular dentist. If you’re living in the greater Ocala area and want to learn more about emergency dental services contact Exceptional Dentistry.

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