Enjoying a Wide Variety of Activities While Staying at Vacation Home Rentals in Bolivar Peninsula

Vacation Home Rentals in Bolivar Peninsula are perfect for people who want to spend time in a serene seaside setting in a place that’s a significant part of U.S. history. The peninsula, located in southern Texas near Galveston, is classified as a barrier island. It’s named after Simon Bolivar, a military hero and influential political leader who fought for Latin American independence from Spain in the early 1800s.

The peninsula is narrow and is only 27 miles long, but it features a wide variety of activities visitors can do and attractions to see. For instance, 180-year-old Fort Travis will be of interest to people intrigued by Texas history. In addition, the Bolivar lighthouse is a must-see attraction for most travelers. It hasn’t been active since the 1930s, but it still stands, towering over the rest of the structures in the area.

Golfing, sailing, snorkeling, and swimming are all possibilities for travelers who have decided to embrace the contentment and laid-back nature of Vacation Home Rentals in Bolivar Peninsula. Tourists often want to focus on relaxing along the water, going out for fine meals, and exploring local shops. Fresh seafood is abundant here at restaurants and stores. Vacationers appreciate cooking fish, shrimp, and crab at the house or outdoors on the grill, or enjoying any of the fine dining establishments located here. A trip to Galveston one day during the vacation is a common choice. Tourists who like ferryboats may want to travel to the city by water, but it also can be reached by highway.

Vacation home dwellers like sitting on the porch in the morning, enjoying coffee and breakfast, and watching the birds. Hiking trails provide more views of different bird species and other wildlife, and a national wildlife refuge is a popular destination. People who enjoy photography have fun capturing these creatures in digital form. They’ll try capturing the gorgeous sunrises as well, although it can be difficult to truly replicate what is in the Texas sky. All those pictures bring back fond memories, and perhaps a bit of the serenity, experienced while vacationing at a place such as Crystal Beach Club Properties.

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