Essential Information to Know Before Replacing an Overhead Garage Door

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Garage Door

A garage door is vital to the form and function of a home. A well-installed and maintained garage door improves the curb appeal and value of a home. It also makes access to the garage easier, and safeguards items stored in it. There are many benefits a homeowner can derive by replacing an old garage door. Modern garage doors come in a large variety of styles and designs that can complement the architectural style of any home. Here are some important details to know before replacing an old Overhead Door in St Louis MO.

When to Get a New Garage Door

Even if an overhead garage door is in a good condition now, there will come a time when it will need to be replaced. Here are top three signs that may indicate it is time to get a new door.
*      Huge repair expenses: At some point, it is wise to buy a new garage door than pay huge repair bills. If a garage door is old and costs several hundreds of dollars to fix, consider replacing it.
*      Style changes: If changes have been made to the exterior of a property, it is might be recommendable to replace the garage door too.
*      Severe door damages: If a garage door has suffered significant damages after a hurricane or after years of wear and tear, it might be time to get a new one.

Top Three Benefits of a New Overhead Garage Door
*      Enhanced home value: Installing a new garage door can help to increase the resale value of a home since it is more appealing to potential buyers.
*      Reduced energy bills: Modern garage doors are effectively insulated, and this can help to reduce utility bills.
*      Increase home security: The most important function of a garage door is to increase security for a home. Installing a new garage door with keypad security access can make a home more convenient and help to keep a family safe.

These are just some of the most important details to know before installing a new Overhead Door in St Louis MO. For more information about modern overhead garage doors, and how to hire a professional, please visit the website.

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