Establishing a Relationship with Veterinarians in Yorktown NY

Together with a pet owner, a veterinarian is one of the most important caregivers for a pet. Finding and establishing a relationship with the right Veterinarians in Yorktown NY can be crucial to the health and long-term welfare of the pet. If you are new to pet ownership or simply need to change vets, here are some key points to consider when choosing veterinarian. Remember to never make the mistake of trying to find a vet only when needed. Get ahead of the unwanted events by having a reputable vet on-call.

Start by asking for recommendations from friends, relatives or neighbors – preferably those who own an animal. Ask them about their own experiences with their pet’s veterinarian:

     *     Is your pet a friendly one? If not, how did the veterinarian react?

     *     Does the vet listen patiently and is easy to talk to?

     *     Does he or she talk to their customers in easy-to-understand terms?

Once a veterinarian clinic is chosen, call them and ask for a consult. Ask some basic questions before deciding on who will care for your pet:

     *     What are the opening times? Is it compatible with your schedule?

     *     Do they have a 24-hour emergency? If so, do they serve directly or refer to another veterinary center?

     *     What is the average waiting time for a routine visit (non-emergency)?

     *     What additional services are offered (dog grooming, training, etc.)?

     *     What are the costs of vet visits and annual reviews? What products / services are standard care, such as vaccines, heartworm tests, and spaying / neutering?

Remember that the owner is the best advocate for their pet, so if he or she does not feel comfortable with the way a veterinarian works, your dog or cat is likely to be the same way. Chances are if a person purchased a dog from a breeder or an animal shelter, the seller knows reputable Veterinarians in Yorktown NY or can give you good references. For safety, be sure to check those references yourself. If you are moving to a new area, ask your current veterinarian if they can give the name of a professional colleague or a veterinary clinic. If possible, choose a veterinarian who is close to home. A short car ride helps minimize the stress of your animal, especially if they are injured or ill. Visit us to learn more.

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