Establishing Proof Beyond Question for Defective Products with a Product Liability Lawyer in New London CT

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Lawyers

Consumers of the broad line of products available in the country expect manufacturing guidelines to ensure its safety. Omitting a critical step in the manufacturing process or design flaws that make a product unsafe puts liability on the company that produces it. When someone gets injured, a Product Liability Lawyer in New London CT recovers the cost in damages. Defective products that caused harm to the end user holds the business culpable for its defect liable in product liability lawsuit. Products sold to consumers are expected to meet a customary level of quality. A product is considered to fall short in those standards if it is defective. The legal team of Stephen M. Reck uses valuable resources to conduct painstaking investigations and validate that a product caused harm to the consumer.

Product liability is grouped into two headings. Negligence says the responsible party failed to take an acceptable standard of care that resulted in harming another. They either failed to perform an action that caused harm, or performed an injurious action that harmed another. The job of a Product Liability Lawyer in New London CT is to prove the defendant had a legal duty of care that wasn’t adhered to. In the product manufacturing industry, that could be when an attribute of an item is harmful, but the makers of the product manufacture and sell it anyway. Negligence in that way has happened with pharmaceutical drugs. A drug has known dangerous side effects, but the pharmaceutical company hides the information from consumers.

The second heading product liability lawsuits fall under is strict liability. Strict liability has occurred in services provided to customers. The person or group providing service took an erroneous step in the procedure that harmed a customer. When these cases are led by a lawyer, the job tasks of the service provider are scrutinized to discern procedural practices that are deemed as safe. The exact facet of service that caused injury is pointed out to be presented as evidence in court. The Proof is at the mercy of these cases, so due diligence is a primary requirement. Browse the website for more details and to learn how to set a product liability case in motion.

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