How To Evaluate SD WAN Vendors

For companies, business, agencies or organizations, the use of SD WAN or software-defined wide area networks (WANs) is often the most effective choice to securely connect various locations that may be a great distance apart.

This is not a new technology, but the SD or the software-defined part of the networking potential using WANs incorporates cloud technology, which makes it more accessible and eliminates the need to have specialized hardware at each location to access the data.

Choosing from different SD WAN vendors is an important step in the process of utilizing this technology. As this is a complex and potentially difficult transition from a traditional WAN or if the company currently has no technology in place, getting the most experienced and expert vendor in place is critical.

What to Consider

There are many different companies operating as SD WAN vendors, including some of the largest national carriers. Choosing from the correct company is often less of a factor in choosing a recognized “big name” provider and more about looking for a vendor that can provide the customized and individualized service and support needed.

Most of the big companies offer a standard package, which may include elements that are not necessary or that can negatively impact overall system performance. By selecting only specialized vendors that focus on SD WAN development and design, a customized solution can be developed that will include just what the company, business or organization requires.

Customer Support

It will also be essential to consider and evaluate the ongoing support of the various SD WAN vendors under review. Do they offer full support across the complete network or it is only support for what they have installed and provided?

This will be a very important factor moving forward. When choosing vendors think not just about the immediate development and deployment of the SD WAN technology, but also about future support and services offered.

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