Everything You Need to Know About the Great American Eclipse of 2017

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Whether you’re a regular eclipse viewer or just starting out, there are some pretty amazing eclipses on the calendar in the next couple of years. In fact, an American eclipse is on the docket for 2017 that is going to be quite the showstopper for those of you in the United States. Here’s what you need to know about the great American eclipse of 2017.

What is a Solar Eclipse?
When the moon passes between the planet Earth and its sun, a solar eclipse ensues. This creates a shadow that casts itself over the surface of the earth known as the umbra. What’s interesting about an umbra is that it can stretch over thousands of miles but is also very narrow. Rarely will it be larger than about 160 miles wide.

It has been calculated that a total eclipse of the sun can only be seen from the same spot on Earth about once every 375 years.

Total Solar Eclipse
Set your calendars for August 21, 2017 to witness the first total solar eclipse in 38 years over the United States. This incredible sight will be able to be viewed from Oregon to South Carolina. It will reach what astronomers refer to as it’s “points of greatest duration and greatest eclipse” when it is over southeastern Missouri and western Kentucky.

NASA has gotten in on the excitement and maintains that for anyone who wants to witness this even in the lower 48, it will be able to be viewed no more than a day’s drive away. NASA also claims that it will be an experience “unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your life”. It’ll be like day turning to night before your very eyes.

The Path of Totality
What makes this great American eclipse of 2017 so special is that it is the first time an eclipse’s shadow track will pass just over the United States and no other country. This is called it’s “path of totality”, and it’s going to be a uniquely American experience.

View It Safely
It’s important to note that if you want to view any eclipse, including this one, you need to use the right equipment. You will need special eclipse glasses or an eclipse viewer in order to keep your eyes safe during this experience.

So go ahead and put this one in your calendar for 2017 and get ready for an incredible experience with special eclipse viewing equipment from Eclipse Glasses!

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