Everything You Need to Know About VG Based Nicotine

Everything You Need to Know About VG Based Nicotine

When it comes to e-liquid used for vaping, most are composed mainly of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The latter is what is often called VG. It’s a chemical that is entirely natural. It comes from vegetable oils and is safe for use by vegetarians. Most VG based nicotine is thicker than a PG liquid. It also has a sweeter taste when PG, which is largely odorless and tasteless. Those who prefer less of a throat hit often choose to use VG e-juices.

Uses for Vegetable Glycerin

In addition to being used as a medium for nicotine dilution for vaping, vegetable glycerin is used for many other things. It is commonly used in personal care products and food, as well as in medical applications. Here are some of the common uses for this substance:

  • Dental care products, including toothpaste

  • Sweetener as an alternative to sugar

  • Pet foods

  • Pills, creams, jellies, and creams of a medicinal value

  • Makeup, aftershave, deodorant, bubble bath, and other beauty products

  • Foods that require extra moisture, such as baked goods

  • Hand creams and soaps

How Safe is Vegetable Glycerin?

The FDA recognizes VG as being “generally recognized as safe” and it is known to be an extremely benign substance. It has a very low chance of irritating the skin or eyes and has low toxicity when it is consumed. The fact that it is used in many medicines and foods shows that it is largely safe for human use. Limited studies have been done on inhaling VG, but as of now, it has been shown to have no real impact on health.

In many cases, those who are allergic to PG are better able to handle VG. However, if you are allergic to coconut or palm oil, it may pose a problem. It can also cause issues with diabetics but is not an issue at the levels it exists in a while vaping.

What to Know When Using VG

If you choose e-juice with mostly VG, it can cause your atomizers to give out more quickly since it is thick. Otherwise, there are few issues with VG e-juice. The most common are increased thirst, dehydration, sore throat, and dry mouth.

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