Top Reasons To Buy Wholesale Cake Decorating Supplies

Top Reasons To Buy Wholesale Cake Decorating Supplies

When people are passionate about beautiful presentations, they want to use the very best in tools, equipment, and supplies for all of their cake, chocolate, and cupcake decorating projects. This is true for professional bakers and catering services, and it is also true for home bakers.

Finding a company offering wholesale cake decorating supplies is often most challenging for the home baker. Most of the wholesale suppliers do not sell to private individuals or, if they do, they require large volume orders that are simply not practical.

There are a few large-scale, national companies offering wholesale cake decorating supplies to both bakeries as well as home bakers. N.Y Cake is perhaps the most well-known company offering this type of flexibility in ordering and having very low minimum order requirements to accommodate all types of bakers.

Professional Quality Supplies

There is a difference in many of the wholesale cake decorating supplies found at specialized baking suppliers over those found at the local kitchen or hobby stores. By choosing the equipment, accessories, and tools at the wholesalers, not only can the home baker get the best selection, but the selection is from professional quality materials.

Best Prices

Buying wholesale makes a significant difference in the prices of a bakery, or a home baker can expect to pay for the items. Combining different types of supplies for cake and candy making as well as in a range of decorations and decorating options can make the order lower cost and even eliminate any type of shipping fees.

With new specials and products, and unique options for designs and decorations for holidays and special events throughout the year, these companies are a great resource and one that provides home bakers and professional bakers with the tools, equipment, and accessories they need at prices that work in their budget.

N.Y Cake has provided wholesale cake decorating supplies to home bakers and bakeries since 1991. To find out more about our supplies and place an order, see us at

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