Examining Dog Attack Cases With An Injury Lawyer In Medford, MA

Examining Dog Attack Cases With An Injury Lawyer In Medford, MA

In Massachusetts, dog owners face fines, penalties, and liabilities if they don’t maintain control of their pets and prevent injuries. Local laws outline the potential outcome if their dogs are involved in an attack. An Injury Lawyer in Medford MA examines the case and presents victims with details about filing a claim.

What is the Most Common Liability for Pet Owners?

A failure to prevent transmission of the rabies virus is among the most common liability for pet owners. Local laws require all dog owners to vaccinate their animals each year for the virus. Select jurisdictions require the county animal control officer to visit the homes of pet owners and inquire about vaccination records. The vaccination records are also requested at any time that a dog attack is reported.

Who are Common Victims in Dog Attack Cases?

Utility workers, neighbors, and public servants are among the most common victims of dog attack cases. The pet owners follow local laws related to keeping their dog secured at all times. Dogs that are outside the home are connected to runners, leashes, or placed inside an outdoor enclosure. The precautions are necessary to stop the dog from attacking lawful visitors.

Why are Quarantines Required?

Quarantines are necessary if the dog owner didn’t vaccinate their dog. As long as the dog was vaccinated, the animal control officer visits the owner’s home and assesses the dog. If not, the quarantine period lasts twelve days. A licensed vet conducts the assessment, and the owner incurs all related expenses including fines for not vaccinating the dog and the cost of vaccinations.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Legal Claims?

The victim has up to three years to file a legal claim against the pet owner. Any failure to file before the deadline eliminates the right to any compensation. Additionally, the victim isn’t allowed to file if the pet owner compensated them for their expenses and losses out of court.

In Massachusetts, pet owners face liabilities if they don’t take steps to prevent an attack. Any attack in which the victim didn’t commit a crime provides a legal avenue for a legal claim. Victims who are ready to file a claim contact an Injury Lawyer in Medford MA through the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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