Experience Luxury by Staying at the W Hotel South Beach

Visitors to South Beach that are looking for the most extravagant accommodations available don’t need to look any farther than the W Hotel in South Beach.  Located directly on the shoreline, this luxury hotel has all of the features that vacationers dream about.

As you enter the hotel, it is as if you are transported to another world.  Beautiful architecture combines with handpicked colors and flare.  The exquisite artwork and design are all meant to create an atmosphere of pure pleasure, relaxation and carefree living.  This magnificent establishment even boasts a spacious balcony off of every room, and a picturesque view of the ocean for each guest as well.

The staff has one singular purpose at this hotel; get you whatever you need.  Whether you are in your room, enjoying the lobby or tanning yourself on the sands of the shoreline, this award winning staff is ready and waiting to serve you.   If you are read to venture out of the hotel for some fun, the W Hotel in South Beach is located in the heart of the Miami night life scene.  There are clubs and venues lining the streets ready to serve you whatever your beverage of choice may be.

The hotel is also surrounded by world class dining and desirable shopping options.  If you have a dollar to spend there is a place for you to spend it.   The hotel features not one, but two magnificent pools for your pleasure, available day or night.  There is also a health club for their visitors who overdo it at the buffet table and need to work off a few pounds before hitting the beach the next day.  For the athletic enthusiast, there is nothing to compare with the rooftop sport venues that the hotel provides.  There are tennis courts for those looking to keep their serve sharp.  However, for those looking to sky high on the court, there are basketball courts which adorn the top of the building as well.  Both fields are the perfect prescription for those athletes who literally want to be on top of the world.

For the vacationer looking for a moment of meditative relaxation, the hotel features a full service “Bliss” spa which covers three floors of pampering and petting, designed to help you in getting relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.  This therapeutic routine will bring the spring back into your step before you step out for a night on the town. Whatever your pleasure, this hotel is designed to fulfill it, and make you glad that you made your reservations early.

If you are looking for more information on the W Hotel in South Beach, website m has everything you are looking for.   They offer daily deals for huge discounts on this hotel and many more for the vacationer coming to South Beach.

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