Factors Explaining Why Two Young Men Have Different Rates for Car Insurance in Waukesha Wisconsin

Factors Explaining Why Two Young Men Have Different Rates for Car Insurance in Waukesha Wisconsin

When a man visits a friend and starts ranting about how he can’t get decent automotive insurance rates, he may exaggerate and say it’s because he’s never been married. There’s a grain of truth in that, but it certainly isn’t the only factor in why one man’s auto insurance has higher premiums than another does. Underwriters look at numerous aspects in determining rates for Car Insurance in Waukesha Wisconsin. Marital status may be part of the equation, especially for young men. That’s because single men under age 25 get into more vehicle collisions than other population groups do.

In contrast, people in later middle age are the least likely drivers to cause an accident. That includes drivers between 50 and 65 years of age. Women are generally less likely to cause collisions than men are, contrary to some misconceptions. In regard to marriage, statistics have found that single men are more likely to cause a collision than married men are. That’s the reason an unmarried man, particularly if he’s under age 25, typically has a higher insurance rate than his married buddy does.

The person’s driving record also has a significant effect on premium rates for Car Insurance in Waukesha Wisconsin. If the married man has received a couple of speeding tickets within the past few years, his premium is likely to be higher than his single friends is. Moving violations are viewed as risk factors for accidents.

If these two individuals have comprehensive coverage, the one living in a rural area will probably have a cheaper rate than the one living in an urban neighborhood. Insurance underwriters know the risk of vandalism and even vehicle theft is higher in the urban center. Insurance companies even keep track of which areas have higher crime rates so they can adjust premiums accordingly. In fact, liability coverage may be higher for the urban dweller since more fender-benders occur in the city.

Because insurance companies have different methods for calculating premium rates, working with an independent agency such as P & C Insurance Services Inc. to find the best options is advantageous. Potential customers may Browse the website for information.

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