Factors to Consider when Using a Boom Lift Rental in York, PA

Boom lifts are important pieces of machinery that are necessary for most construction sites. They are a very versatile form of aerial lift and feature a maneuverable arm together with a work platform attached to its end. Based on their boom type, they are classified into two categories-;articulating and telescoping.

They are usually outfitted with varieties of attachments that make them ideal for use in applications that require a high reach. They can also be classified according to their power source. Electric booms are used in indoor applications while diesel-powered booms are best used in outdoor and heavy-duty construction situations.

Due to the high cost, individuals and firms wanting to make use of boom lifts have to rely on companies that provide boom lift rental services. This is a great way to save money, and it saves firms the finances and stress of purchasing equipment that may not see much use. The following factors must be considered when deciding on using a Boom Lift Rental in York PA.

Site Requirements

The characteristics and requirements of the job site is a significant factor in determining the kind of boom lift to rent. The reach and height of the boom lift needed must be carefully calculated. The estimated weight to be borne by the workspace platform should also be taken into account. The characteristics of the site such as the doorway access, movement around tight corners, and congestion of the site must all be taken into account.

Site Characteristics

Other site characteristics include lighting conditions and noise pollution limits. The power source on the site is another important factor. The different power sources include diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines. In cases where noise is a major concern, it is best to use electric boom lifts.

Site Terrain

For heavy-duty construction activities where maximum outreach and height are necessities, using telescoping booms that are engine-powered is recommended. This is because they possess the needed features such as traction control, powerful engines, deep-lugged tracks or tires, two-speed wheel motors, etc., to negotiate rugged terrain. For more information on where to find a professional Boom Lift Rental in York PA, please visit the website.

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