FAQs That A SSI Attorney In Temecula, CA Can Answer

FAQs That A SSI Attorney In Temecula, CA Can Answer

In California, the Social Security Administration provides monthly benefits to disabled individuals with low incomes. The supplemental security income program gives the claimant benefits based on their total household income. A local SSI Attorney in Temecula CA helps claimants if they are denied access to the benefits by the SSA.

What is Supplemental Security Income in California?

According to California state laws, supplemental security income is a federal program that provides monthly payments to disabled individuals. The most recent statistics show the value of the federal benefit payments as $735. The state of California adds extra funds based on a state-wide supplemental payment. The value of the payment is $160.72 currently.

Who can Receive SSI in California?

Initially, any individual who is over the age of 65 and no longer working could receive the federal and state benefits. However, individuals who have a mental or physical condition that stops them from working may qualify. The program provides funds for adults and children with disabilities. All applicants who believe they qualify for the program submit an application to their regional Social Security Administration.

Are the Payments Ever Modified?

Yes, if the claimant’s household income increases, the federal government can reduce the SSI payments. The standard for the program is that the household income cannot exceed $2,000 for unmarried claimants and $3,000 for married claimants.

What is Considered Unearned Income and is Excluded from the Program?

The excluded unearned income identified in the program is federal or state income tax refunds. The Social Security Administration cannot decrease the value of the claimant’s benefits based on the tax refund value. However, any inheritance, assets, or payments received from family members must be reported to the SSA. The value of these assets or funds is counted against the claimant.

In California, disabled individuals receive monthly benefits based on an inability to work. The program is designed for individuals who didn’t work and seniors who can no longer work. It provides benefits on the first of every month and requires regular reports of the household income. Claimants who need assistance from an SSI Attorney in Temecula CA can visit us for more information on the appeal process today.

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