FAQs for a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Queens County, NY

FAQs for a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Queens County, NY

In New York, federal laws protect all workers who are injured on the job. The laws require employers to possess workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries and provide compensation. The Workers’ Compensation Board of New York makes determinations in these cases. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY can provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What Is a Section 32 Waiver Agreement?

The Section 32 waiver agreement is an agreement established by the insurer and the injured party. It is a settlement offer that prevents the worker from acquiring any future payments for medical costs or lost wages. The insurer agrees to pay the worker a lump sum for their injuries and expenses. Upon acceptance, the insurer holds no further responsibilities for the injuries. However, the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York must review and approve the agreement.

What Is an Occupation Disease and How Are Claims Filed?

An occupational disease is a naturally occurring condition that results from exposure to hazards in the work environment. The claims must be filed within a two-year window. The limitation starts on the day in which the worker is diagnosed with the occupational disease. The disability determination must come from the Workers Compensation Board of New York. Eligibility is possible even if the worker hasn’t missed work due to their condition.

What Types of Disabilities Are Defined Under the Laws?

Temporary total disability indicates that the worker cannot work or earn wages until they recover. A temporary partial disability indicates that the condition causes a partial disability that is corrected during recover, and the worker could perform light-duty work. A permanent total disability determines that the condition will stop the worker from ever working again. Permanent partial disability is defined after the worker recovers and defines their ability to work based on the appendage or organ affected.

In New York, the Workers Compensation Board reviews all claims submitted by injured workers. The claims must meet all specifications as outlined in state and federal laws. Workers who need further details about the law contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY through the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III or visit www.josephperrini.com right now.

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