How To Find the Right Vet Hospital in Johns Creek To Board a Pet

How To Find the Right Vet Hospital in Johns Creek To Board a Pet

Leaving a beloved pet behind while traveling for vacation or business can be jarring, but it’s often necessary. Pet owners who value their dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles or other animals as much as they value family members want to be sure the pets will have the best of care while feeling safe and comfortable. There are several things pet owners should consider when choosing the right boarding location, whether it’s a pet sitter, a boarding kennel or a veterinary hospital such as Vet Hospital in Johns Creek.

Boarding kennels aren’t required by law to be certified, but many of the best ones are. The Pet Care Services Association (PCSA) certifies kennels in more than 15 areas of pet care services, using a few hundred specific standards. It can be difficult for a kennel to meet the certification standards, but pet owners can be sure that those who do will provide the best care possible. Many veterinarian hospitals aren’t specifically certified by PCSA but do meet veterinarian standards set by their states, which helps pet owners feel secure in leaving their valued companions behind while they travel. A tour of a kennel’s or vet’s boarding facilities will help pet owners feel confident that their dogs or cats, birds or ferrets will have the care they need, including good sanitation, a proper staff-to-animal ratio and the pet’s preferred foods and treats.

Kennel employees need to make pets and their owners feel as welcome as possible. A good kennel worker may not have specific training in diagnosing diseases in ferrets, for example, but should be willing and able to give ferrets the play time and attention they need. The employees should be familiar with each of the animals they’re responsible for, including special diets, medications or health issues. Most importantly, they should show genuine concern and affection for each of the pets they interact with, which will help the animals feel much more comfortable while away from their owners.

Pets that require vaccinations must be current on all their required shots before they can be boarded at most kennels or veterinarian hospitals. Good boarding kennels offer around-the-clock care of the pets in their care, including weekends and holidays. Pet owners interested in boarding pets at a Vet Hospital in Johns Creek can visit for more information.

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