Fire Suppression Systems: The Myths Versus the Facts

Fire Suppression Systems: The Myths Versus the Facts

If you plan to invest in monitoring of a fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, in the near future, you should be as informed as possible. This will allow you to make the best possible decisions for your property and its fire protection. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the form of widely-spread myths. Before you take the time to start your search for a new fire suppression system, learn what information isn’t worth believing in.

Myth 1: Fire Suppression Systems Don’t Save Lives, Just Your Belongings

If your fire suppression system is capable of protecting your possessions, it can also protect your life. Monitored Fire suppression systems in Louisville, KY, prevent extensive damage by reducing fire damage before it can get too out of control.

Myth 2: Fires Activate the Entire System

The sprinklers attached to your fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, will only respond to fires of a certain temperature. On average, this temperature measures about 155 degrees Fahrenheit. A monitored fire suppression system is designed to detect that temperature and only activate sprinklers as needed to subdue the fire properly. This typically amounts to only two sprinklers at most per fire.

Myth 3: Fire Suppression Systems Cause More Harms Than Fire Themselves

When a monitored fire suppression system in Louisville, KY, detects a fire on the premises, it responds by activating sprinkler systems in order to put out the flames. However, there is a common misconception the water sprayed onto the fire is far more hazardous due to the possibility of water damage. The truth of the matter is sprinklers only release water at a rate between eight and 24 gallons per minute. Even if there is some water damage, understand you will ultimately suffer far less damage to your property than you would if you let the fire rage on uncontrolled.

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