First Aid Training in Illinois Could Help You Save Someone’s Life

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Industrial Supply

If you are free in the summers, you should certainly opt for a training course in first aid. First aid training courses can help you in many ways. You never know when an emergency may arise. In many cases, administering first aid can help save someone’s life on the spot. In case of a serious illness or injury, the person may not have enough time to wait for medical help to arrive. If you are well trained in administering first aid, you can instantly jump to the rescue. This is a pretty vast course.

However, if you have decided to take this course, you should treat it seriously. A simple mistake could end somebody’s life. That is why you need to enroll a professional course that is taught by experienced individuals. Many fire equipment companies and other training centers provide first aid training. First aid training is usually divided into two separate modules: one is focused on preserving life, and the other is concentrated on promoting the recovery of an individual.

Initially, students are taught about the ABCs of first aid. This is a mnemonic for “airway, breathing, and circulation.” It is also used by professionals who work in the emergency department of medical institutions. Every instructor starts the course by focusing the student’s attention on the airway. In case of a serious injury, the airway may get blocked. In case of an obstruction, a person may choke to death.

First aid trainees are taught on how to open the airways and administer rescue breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also taught during the course. CPR is important in case a person drowns or suffocates. In case the lungs stop working, a lack of supply of oxygenated blood to the brain can cause loss of vital bodily functions. That is why CPR must be administered on time. If you are looking for first aid training in Illinois, here are details of the two modules that are commonly taught:

Preserving Life

The first step is to keep a person alive. For that, having a clear breathing passage is very important. First aid trainees are taught how to move air through the nose or mouth, and keep the lungs functioning. In some advanced courses, defibrillation is also a part of the course.

Promoting Recovery

Once the person begins to breathe, the next step is to promote their recovery. In case of an injury, first aid trainees are taught how to bandage the wounds. They are also taught how to handle the bones in case of a fracture so that further damage is reduced. These courses are extremely beneficial and you will definitely learn something new.

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