Foolproof Solutions for Cracked Foundation Repair in Baltimore

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

The foundation of a building can develop vulnerabilities in the support system when the base of the structure settles. When this happens, moisture, pools of water, and mold can encroach on basement walls and floors. Basements are where the first signs of foundation failure are seen. If water leaks through cracks in foundation walls, this means moisture from outside the structure is coming in. Foundation inspections identify the degree of damage and where it’s coming from. The services of Cracked Foundation Repair in Baltimore is needed when the source of the problem is found. It’s best to choose permanent solutions that provide foolproof sealing. Cracks can be sealed and filled with hydraulic cement with a sheet of armored vinyl placed over the surface. When Cracked Foundation Repair in Baltimore is done by a skilled team of foundation construction workers, the problem won’t return.

Installing a basement waterproofing system before any major problems occur can be a money saving service. Waterproofing releases pressure from the floor. The most efficient waterproofing systems redirect heightened water levels, so the water never has a chance to get close to foundation walls. A channel is installed beneath the floor that reroutes excess water to sump pumps. Water that would otherwise seep through walls is sent to the equipment specifically designed to collect and send water away from the foundation. To eliminate the small chance that some water comes in contact with foundation, a wall-cove plate can be installed. Wall-cove plates put barriers between the wall, floor and foundation joint. Any surplus of water that isn’t caught by the channeling system is sent to the ground. Moisture and mold will never be seen in a basement again with an intricately designed system like that.

Crawlspaces are used to store valuable items in many homes. Most crawlspaces don’t have protection against moisture in the original design. Moist air in crawlspaces is a perfect environment for mold and household pests. Crawlspace encapsulation stops water from getting in. Crawlspace liners are installed around the outer boundaries. Complete crawlspace protection has an armored waterproofing system. Encapsulation, joined with an armored waterproofing system, keeps air at neutral temperatures and harmful microbes away. Dehumidifiers can be added if an armored waterproofing system is not an option. Visit the Website for more information.

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