Ford Explorer; Great Ride, Sporty Look And Fuel Efficient SUV

Ford Explorer; Great Ride, Sporty Look And Fuel Efficient SUV

There is an old saying that goes something like; “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” This may have been the mantra for those stylists and engineers responsible for the 2017 Ford Explorer. The Ford Explorer in Wheeling stays close to its roots; it is and probably always will be a value for money, seven seat crossover that is loved by many consumers.

The Explorer has power to spare:

The Ford Explorer never has been touted as an off-road performer; it is however an SUV that takes care of you where you need it most, in the city and on the highway. When properly equipped the Explorer can comfortably tow your trailer or boat, seat a family of seven with room to spare and do it all in luxury.

The Explorer is available in five trims, the base and XLT trim levels use the well proven Ford 3.5 L V-6 engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission. This engine packs plenty of power; 290 HP in fact which gets it from a standing start to 60 MPH in eight seconds.

At the top end of the model range, the Explorer Platinum and Sport models have a twin turbo, 3.5 L V-6 which has been up-rated from last year, the engine puts out a full 365 HP and when coupled to all wheel drive makes driving fun again.

The Explorer is also safe:

There have no meaningful structural changes from the 2016 Explorer so it is safe to say the safety ratings are the same for the 2017 model year. The only blemish on the safety rating of any Ford Explorer in Wheeling is a four out of five for safety in a rollover, everything else was perfect. Don’t think the little blemish is exclusive to the Explorer; four out of five or even less is common as SUVs sit tall.

If you are a buyer that is in the market for an affordable crossover that looks great, rides great and performs great you will be happy with a Ford Explorer in Wheeling.

A Ford Explorer in Wheeling is a wonderful, all-around family oriented SUV. If you are shopping for a new vehicle you are invited to have a close look at the large selection of cars, SUVs and light trucks at Arlington Heights Ford.

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