Foundation Underpinning In Naperville, IL Will Secure Your Home’s Foundation

Does your home have cracked or bucked walls, uneven floors, or a sinking foundation? Are doors or windows difficult to open or close? If you find these types of things happening in your home, your foundation needs Foundation Underpinning in Naperville, IL.

A home can be damaged when the foundation shifts. The cause of the shifting is excessive moisture or lack of proper drainage around the foundation of a home. The value of a home can be diminished if the repair of the problem isn’t completed.

Causes Of Foundation Settlement

A foundation can start to settle because of:

  • Evaporation. Hot and dry conditions will cause the soil around a foundation to pull away from the walls. When this occurs, there will be a gap between the foundation and soil that allows moisture to affect the foundation. In addition, the foundation walls will no longer have the support they need from the soil.

Tree Roots. Tree roots can dehydrate the soils around or beneath a home and cause the same shrinking of the soil that hot and dry conditions will.

Improper Drainage. Improper drainage will occur when French drains are not properly working or if there are poor soil conditions around a home. The excessive moisture can cause the foundation to heave and crack.

Resistance Piers

There are ways to repair and stabilize a home with resistance piers. These types of piers can immediately reverse the damage that was caused to a home and provide the stability a home needs. When these types of piers are installed, the weight of the structure will rest on the piers instead of the foundation to secure the home.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are another type of Foundation Underpinning in Naperville, IL. This type of system utilizes a pile that will be installed into the subsoil strata until the correct load capacity has been achieved to stabilize a home. Helical piers can reposition the home and prevent further movement.

If the foundation of your home is showing signs of damage, you should contact Davis Concrete Correctors. They have many years of experience repairing and securing foundations. Visit website to find out all of the services they offer that will secure your home and your investment.

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