Four Reasons to Choose Furman Realty to Find a Home

Whether people want to rent or buy homes in Ames and the surrounding neighborhoods, the first smart step is to consult with a real estate agent. Working with a dedicated real estate agent can save people time and energy. Discover four reasons to choose Furman Realty to find the right home without any hassles.

A Variety of Apartment Rentals to Choose From

Renters should not limit themselves to classified ads and online listings that could be limited. Also, some of these listings are scams designed to take consumers’ money and identities. A reputable real estate agent has access to a variety of apartments listed by legitimate property owners and managers. Renters simply need to determine how many rooms they want, their monthly rental budget, and where they prefer to live. A real estate agent will use this information to help them find the perfect apartment for their needs. Renters can view the apartments with an agent who understands exactly what they are looking for.

No-Fee Application Process

Nothing is more frustrating than paying an application fee to rent an apartment and getting turned down. There are many reasons why an application might be declined. But these fees can add up and become a financial burden for renters. People who work with Furman Realty enjoy a no-fee rental application process, so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


A pet is often a valued family member. People enjoy the companionship of a dog or cat. A real estate agency can help renters find a pet-friendly home without non-refundable pet fees. Certain conditions must be met to permit the pet to live in the home. such as spaying and licensing. Plus, the number of pets a resident can have is limited. Renters who follow these directives can live happily with their fur babies in a comfortable home.

Buy a House

When people are ready to buy a home, real estate professional can help them throughout the process. From finding the ideal house to making an offer, the real estate agent is with buyers every step of the way to ensure the process is streamlined for a more successful deal.

Visit the Website of a local real estate agent to find out how to rent or buy the home of your dreams.

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