Four Steps to Prepare for a Residential Mover in Tulsa

Movers are able to handle packing services, although the people who are moving often choose to pack their belongings themselves. If this is the case, there are steps to take in order to be fully prepared for when the movers arrive. A Residential Mover in Tulsa should arrive at a home to find everything boxed up and prepared to be put in the moving van or truck and transported to the new location.

Pack Everything Carefully

In order to ensure belongings make it through transportation, all items should be packed carefully. This means the owner of the items needs to utilize the proper boxes and packing supplies to keep their items snug and safe. Bubble wrap, extra packaging, and appropriately sized boxed are necessary. With items packed carefully, the mover can simply stack them in the truck and go.

Unplug All Electronics and Appliances

Some people simply pack up their items and leave the appliances fully plugged in for use. The morning before the movers are scheduled to arrive, these appliances and electronics need to be unplugged and ready to move if they are going along. Movers are not usually allowed to unplug these items, so they will be forced to wait until the owners do it themselves.

Label All Boxes

Movers will often place boxes in a specific room or area if the customer asks. This is usually done easier if the customer has labeled their boxes beforehand. They can write whether the items go in the kitchen or belong in a bedroom, so the mover can bring them to each location quickly.

Put Cleaning Products and Liquids in the Car

Cleaning products and other liquid items are not typically allowed in a moving van. This is because it can easily spill and cause damage to other items in the area. Rather than holding up the mover’s time to separate liquid products from the rest, the person moving should already have these items kept out and put in their own vehicle for safe travels.

A Residential Mover in Tulsa can do their job more efficiently if the person moving has taken steps to be prepared for the move. With items packed carefully and labeled, plus appliances unplugged, everything will be ready to move out of the space and to the new location as fast as possible. Movers are capable of handling a variety of moving services, find more here.

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