Four Things to Know About Sunless Tanning Sprays in Green Bay, WI

Four Things to Know About Sunless Tanning Sprays in Green Bay, WI

Men and women are looking to enhance their skin color often head to tanning beds or into the sun. While these methods may make their skin darker, there are other ways that are more effective. Sunless Tanning Sprays in Green Bay WI, provide the color people are looking for without the harmful UV rays from sun or tanning beds. Before using the spray. However, there are some things people should know.

Prep Spray

Before the color spray can be applied, a prep spray is needed. This provides a formula that hydrates the skin. The green tea extract will help fight off wrinkles while the aloe vera and witch hazel keeps skin rejuvenated.

Multiple Spray Options

Not every person will receive the same spray technique. There are multiple spray options available to ensure each person receives the type they need to meet their tanning goals. A color maximizer spray can be applied to someone looking to enhance their color a great deal. Someone is looking to extend their color and ensure the results last longer can use a tan extender.

Take Home Kit Available

Sprays do not have to be completed in a tanning salon. There are take home kits available for those who would like to apply the color at home themselves. This kit combines the maximizing color, instant lotion, bronzers, and tan extenders.

Two Airbrush Formulas

Airbrush formulas have been created to provide the results people are looking for. There are two main airbrush formulas that can be used. The first is a cocoa tan formula that helps any skin tone get the color results they want. The clear dark formula provides a bronze color that lasts longer. Both formulas are paraben free and alcohol-free, so they are not harmful to the skin. Each contains Vitamin C, which helps with the reproduction of collagen in the skin to keep it healthy.

Sunless Tanning Sprays in Green Bay WI, provide a long-lasting tan that does not do harm to the skin. UV Rays from the sun can be harmful, so sunless sprays are the better alternative. Browse our website to learn more about sunless sprays and the various options available.

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