Four Trade Show Mistakes to Avoid

Attending an NYC trade show can grow the success of your business and get your name out there only if you avoid these trade show mistakes.

No Pre-Show Buzz

According to Entrepreneur, you should begin advertising your attendance at a trade show at least a couple weeks before the event, and up to a month before. Outreach and frequent posts on social media are a great way to drum up interest and excitement for what you’ll have on display and what your brand can promise. If you don’t do any advertising, don’t expect people to be flocking to your booth– or even know you’re there.

Bad Booth Design

Visual appeal and unique design will draw eyes and traffic to your booth. An unorganized or unoriginal looking display isn’t inviting or interesting to visitors. And with companies like Nimlok New York City offering custom booth design, there’s no excuse for poor visuals at an NYC trade show.

Bad Staffing

Don’t put the wrong person in your booth, or else you’ll drive away visitors. Putting someone with a less-than-stellar attitude or a lack of knowledge of your brand or product can damage your impact and reputation.

Failure to Follow Up

If you collected email addresses or other customer info show attendees, don’t forget to use them. Promising updates on your product, special offers, or other follow-up and then failing to deliver will have you forgotten fast, and also make you look unorganized.

Organization, proper planning, and a good team can all help with your trade show success and keep bigger mistakes at bay. Make sure you enlist the help of professionals when it comes to planning your strategy.

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