Frequently Asked Questions About A Single Tooth Implant Dentist In Mankato, MN

Frequently Asked Questions About A Single Tooth Implant Dentist In Mankato, MN

Individuals who have a missing tooth are often self-conscious when they smile because they don’t want others to notice the gap in their teeth. Those who are only missing one tooth can get it replaced with a single tooth dental implant. Read the frequently asked questions listed below to learn about this procedure that’s performed by an Implant Dentist in Mankato MN.

What is a single tooth dental implant and how is the procedure performed?

A single tooth dental implant is a replacement tooth with an attached crown that looks and functions just like a natural tooth. The procedure is fairly simple, and individuals will have the procedure completed in four separate visits to the dental clinic. During the first step of the procedure, the dentist drills a hole into the area of the jawbone that lines up with the missing tooth.

The Implant Dentist in Mankato MN then secures the implant in the drilled opening. Individuals will then have to wait a few months for the jawbone to attach itself to the implant. When this process is complete, the dentist attaches the permanent crown to the implant.

What are the benefits of a single tooth dental implant?

After the dentist places the implant in the jawbone, a temporary crown is attached to the implant so individuals won’t have to wait until the implant heals before they have a tooth in the open space. Single dental implants are permanent, and individuals will never need to have the tooth replaced. Since each crown is fabricated individually, the tooth looks completely real and blends in perfectly with the natural teeth.

A single dental implant doesn’t require any special care once it’s placed. Individuals should care for the implant in the same manner as they care for their natural teeth, which includes brushing and flossing. Since the implant functions like a real tooth, individuals can eat all kinds of foods without any restrictions.

Individuals who want to learn more about getting a single tooth dental implant as a tooth replacement can contact North Mankato Family Dentistry. Request an appointment for an examination and a consultation with a dentist to discuss the implant procedure.

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