Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pool Supplies In Kansas City

Purchasing a swimming pool can offer hours of enjoyment for the entire family. To keep the swimming pool clean and the water balanced, it’s necessary to perform regular pool maintenance. Before purchasing Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City, read the frequently asked questions below to learn about the proper chemicals needed for a crystal clear pool.

Q.) Why must pool owners add chemicals to the pool water?

A.) Clear water in a swimming pool looks inviting and people don’t want to swim in pool water that’s green. In addition to helping the pool’s appearance, chemicals keep germs and bacteria out of the water. Swimming in untreated water or in water that doesn’t have the correct chemical balance can lead to health issues, such as ear infections and skin rashes.

Q.) What types of chemicals are needed to keep the water in a swimming pool clear and safe?

A.) Pool owners add various chemicals to their pools including sanitizer, water balancers, algaecides and shock treatments. The most common sanitizer is chlorine and this chemical keeps bacteria and algae from living in the pool. Water balancers include chemicals to increase or decrease the pH and alkalinity in the water. Calcium chloride may also be added to increase the hardness of the water. Although not totally necessary due to the addition of chlorine in the pool, algaecides offer extra protection against green and murky pool water. When visiting a business that offers Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City, pool owners often purchase shock treatments for their pools. By adding this chemical to the pool once a week, germs and bacteria don’t have a chance to thrive in the pool.

Q.) How does a pool owner know the correct amount of pool chemicals to add to the water?

A.) Businesses that sell Swimming Pool Supplies in Kansas City will have swimming pool test kits available for purchase. These kits test the number of chemicals that are in the pool and after reading the test results, pool owners can tell which chemicals need to be added to the pool.

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