Frozen Pipe Basics

With chores such as mowing the lawn and weeding no longer necessary, you may welcome a break from property maintenance during the winter. However, there are some precautions you should take before you settle in for a few months. One vital step is protecting your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes are dangerous and could lead to much more serious consequences than burst pipe repair in Peachtree City, GA.

Why Avoid Frozen Pipes

Naturally, frozen pipes will lead to a lack of running water. You need hot water to take a shower in the morning, to brush your teeth, and to do the dishes or the laundry. Without running water, it will be difficult to stay fully hydrated or to prepare meals. When water in the pipes is frozen, you won’t have that convenient access to it for daily tasks.

Prevention in Cold Weather

Of course, the main reason to avoid frozen pipes is to avoid burst pipe repair in Peachtree City, GA. In Southern climates, pipes rarely see freezing temperatures, so they are more likely to burst than pipes in colder climates. You could save yourself a lot of frustration and expensive repairs by insulating your pipes. Contact a professional to learn more about how to properly prepare your home. You should check for pipes on exterior walls, in attics, and in basements.

Signs of Frozen Pipes

There are some simple signs that can alert you to the possibility (or probability) of frozen pipes. If the temperature is cold enough for water to freeze, there’s a good chance your pipes will also freeze. If you’ve noticed that the temperatures are dropping, you may want to take preventative steps. The second sign is frost on the pipes. If you see frost on the exterior of the pipes, don’t turn the water on until you’ve checked with a professional. A strange smell coming from the faucet or drain is another sign that the pipes are partially or completely blocked. Finally, if you’ve turned on the faucet and there’s no running water, it’s best to shut off the faucet and contact a professional.

If you believe you need burst pipe repair in Peachtree City, GA or if you want to prevent your pipes from bursting, contact a professional as soon as possible. Contact website to schedule an appointment

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