Why Packaging Matters in the World of Pharmaceuticals

Why Packaging Matters in the World of Pharmaceuticals

When we receive prescription medication, we don’t typically spend time dwelling on the containers it comes in. Indeed, these plastic and cardboard containers have come a long way in the last few decades, increasing safety measures after several high-profile cases of tampering. But safety in handling isn’t the only concern in pharmaceutical packaging, and companies are specializing in the manufacture of plastics are meeting the needs of prescription drug companies with incredible advances in the way our medications are stored, shipped and distributed.

The Importance of Packaging

The packaging of a medication tells us a great deal about the contents. The size of bottles and boxes helps us find them when we’re fumbling through cabinets or drawers, and the labels let us know how much to take and when. Did you know that the material your medication’s package is made from is also important? The kind of plastic used in creating pill bottles and containers is highly specific, as improper pharmaceutical packaging can lead to:

  • Compromising of the product due to humidity or oxidization
  • Shortened shelf lives of medications
  • Ruination of light-sensitive drugs
  • Allowance for microbial growth which can endanger the medication or the user

To ensure that these things do not happen, plastics manufacturers create specific, specialized materials to contain and preserve medications longer and with an almost-zero rate of contamination.

For Every Consumer, For Every Drug

The objective of manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging is not to provide only a single type of bottle, blister pack or packet. These companies want every consumer to be helped in healing by producing packaging not only for pills, but also for powders, liquids and creams. Each of these types of drug packaging must be held to the same rigid standards of contamination prevention, sterility and durability, to allow every person whose lives they touch to get the maximum benefit from their medications.

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