Functional Medicine: Finding Your Biochemical Individuality

Humans strive to be unique—it’s a way of life. Whether you accomplish this with the way you dress, style your hair, decorate your home, or the hobbies you pursue, you have multiple opportunities each day to set yourself apart from the crowd and to become your own, one-of-a-kind individual. However, what if individuality was even deeper than these outward, physical choices? What if the very biochemical reactions between billions of molecules within your body were what truly determined your individuality?

One-of-a-Kind Chemistry

An idea called “biochemical individuality” is an essential part of the functional medicine dogma, and it professes that each person has a unique genetic composition which helps to determine the way that you, experience the interaction between your body and the world around you. Clinics like Functional Wellness & Chiropractic Center employ nutritionists, a chiropractor specializing in chiropractic care for back pain treatment and neck pain treatment, and experts in applied kinesiology.

Functional Medicine in Your Daily Life

Functional medicine clinics in Madison, WI work together with clients to modify their daily behaviors and the way that their body experiences disease. However, between visits to these clinics, there are daily ways that you can become more conscious of your lifestyle choices and the approach of functional medicine while you find balance in your body and for your health. For example, you can:

* Focus more on nutrition and how certain foods affect the way you feel on the whole.
* Shift your focus from treating illness to preventing illness by searching for insight into the cause of disease.
* Consider yourself, at the cellular level, as a working system of biological and environmental effects.

Truly, everyone is different, and these differences are deeper than the shoes you prefer or your favorite color. To best take care of the uniqueness that is you, consider embracing the functional medicine approach at a local clinic. Plus, you can even book online!

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