Garage Door Installers in Carson City Resolve Problems With Old, Leaky Doors

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Garage Door

Rain leaking under a garage door can be a mere inconvenience or it can start causing damage to things stored inside and even to the structure itself. In many cases, a garage door repair technician can install a new seal along the bottom that stops the problem. If the door is made of wood and is decades old, it may have started to deteriorate enough so that the homeowner wants Garage Door Installers in Carson City to remove it and put in a new one.

This can be especially helpful for an attached garage, since a new energy-efficient door that fits precisely and has weather stripping along the edges reduces extremes in temperature that can occur in the garage and affect the house. During hot summer days, air conditioning will need to work harder to combat the high temperature in the garage. Old, rickety doors allow hot air from outside to freely leak in through gaps around them. In winter, cold air leaking into the garage becomes a problem.

In addition, having this new home improvement feature added by Garage Door Installers in Carson City prevents other problems common with old doors. In the windy, dry climate around the Reno area, for example, dust and small organic debris can easily blow in through gaps around doors. That leads to a dirty garage and people tracking in sand and dust after getting out of the car. With high-quality seals around the new door, the device fits snugly against the opening as it should.

When deciding on a new door from a company such as Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service, homeowners now have the option to choose a different material and design for the upgrade. They might choose steel instead of wood because this material requires substantially less maintenance. Some steel doors are manufactured to look like wood, which is beneficial for people who prefer the appeal of that natural substance for their home exterior. Homeowners who truly prefer authentic wood garage doors have a variety of options to enhance the appearance of their house.

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