Get a Great Smile With Dentist Dentures In Honolulu

For many individuals, accidents, disease, and various other problems could have occurred that resulted in missing teeth. Although implants are a great alternative for replacing these teeth, they may not be affordable. Another option to replace missing teeth is through dentist dentures in Honolulu. These dentures can replace missing teeth and are worn by millions of individuals. Today’s dentures are designed to look exactly like natural teeth. They will also feel like regular teeth because they’re made out of a combination of an acrylic resin. This resin feels very similar to regular teeth.

When individuals think about Dentist Dentures in Honolulu, many think that all of their teeth will need to be pulled. This is not the case. Dentures can either be partial or full. A partial denture is designed for an individual who has a few teeth missing. The teeth that are missing can be side by side or could be in various places. A partial denture is designed to keep the existing teeth that are healthy from shifting in the mouth and crowding other teeth. A full denture can replace an entire set of teeth on either the top or the bottom of the mouth. In some cases, a dentist may recommend pulling a tooth to complete a set of dentures.

A candidate may choose to have immediate dentures. These dentures are able to be worn as soon as the teeth are removed. Immediate dentures will be molded before dentures are worn. They will be custom designed for the patient. Full dentures will have a pink base which will have the replacement teeth attached to. These dentures will fit snuggly over the gums. Dentures that have a custom fit will not need the use of adhesives. Partial dentures are designed similar to full dentures. This type of denture can also be called over dentures. Partial dentures will fit over the natural teeth and will have teeth attached to a base in the areas the teeth are missing. This will complete an individual’s smile.

With the advancements in dental care, dentures are a wonderful alternative to missing teeth or implants. They’re more affordable and can be custom designed to deliver a great smile.

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