Get a New Look

Get a New Look

If you have pierced ears, you might be curious about trying a new look for yourself. Ear stretching jewelry makes a big impact on your appearance and demonstrates that you are a confident person who feels good about yourself. This type of jewelry uses an ear piercing that you already have. If you do not yet have pierced ears, you can get your ears pierced, allow your ear lob to heal for six to eight weeks, then start using our jewelry to stretch the opening of the hole.

Our jewelry goes in the lobe of your ear. You may be surprised to discover just how stretchy this part of your body is. The flexible skin, collagen and cartilage of the ear lobe can be stretched wider, longer and bigger in any direction. We have jewelry in many different shapes, and your ear can accommodate any of them.

Most people start out with a small piece and work their way up to our bigger pieces of jewelry for stretching the ears. All of our products are hypoallergenic. Even if you have an allergy to nickel or another metal, you will not have a problem with our jewelry. Our pieces are also easy to clean. You can take them out quickly for thorough sanitizing. If your job requires you to remove oversize jewelry, that will not be a problem with our products. We have styles in many colors and materials.

When you want to get a new look with ear stretching jewelry, choose us at We have a wide range of options that are certain to help you make a strong statement. Check us out online at in order to see the full range of our pieces and to take a look at how they stretch the ears when worn.

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