Get Help With Choosing Between Veneers And Dental Crowns In Reno, NV

Dental problems come in a wide range of severity. In some cases, a Reno area dentist will be able to treat a patient’s dental issue by simply filling a cavity. In other situations, however, the remedy for decaying teeth could be severe enough to require a root canal and crown or the extraction of damaged teeth. Many dentists try to avoid extracting teeth because it causes other problems. Unfortunately, there are times when this procedure is unavoidable. Tooth extractions require more work because the space they leave will need to be filled with a porcelain implant or a dental bridge.

When a tooth has less than 60% of its enamel left, dental fillings are not a viable treatment. This is when dentists turn to veneers and Dental Crowns in Reno NV as treatment methods. Veneers are similar to crowns but only cover the front teeth. Crowns, on the other hand, can cover all or part of the tooth with a porcelain or metal cap. First, the tooth must be cleaned and reshaped before the crown can be placed on it. Some dentists prefer doing a root canal on any tooth that needs a crown. This may reduce the chance of infection later on because it eliminates the root pulp. Dentists prefer avoiding this procedure whenever the tooth is still in fairly decent shape because it eliminates the nerve and blood supply in that area.

Reshaping the teeth for Dental Crowns in Reno NV begins with removing all the decay. This requires skill because the dentist needs to keep as much of the dentin as possible so the crown can be securely placed. Once the tooth is prepared, they will fill the void with dental cement. This is used to prevent the shell from collapsing under the pressure of biting and chewing.

Properly applied cement can also be useful if the crown becomes dislodged because the dentist can simply clean the crown and apply new adhesive. A crown can also be used as the covering for a dental implant. An implant is an artificial root, and it is used to replace missing teeth. Placing a porcelain crown makes the replacement look as real as possible. Click here for more information on dental crowns, veneers, and other dental treatment methods.

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