Get the Help You Need with a Disability Attorney in Ottawa County

An injury can create high medical bills and costs for treatment that can compromise a person’s financial stability. When these injuries prevent a person from working, their financial problems are only compounded and can threaten their ability to support themselves. Fortunately, there are benefits available that can help in many of these situations. A Disability Attorney in Ottawa County can assist with applying and receiving these benefits.

Workers Compensation

When injured at work or due to the type of work performed, workers compensation provides coverage to help with the costs and losses of these type of injuries. Unfortunately, this system can be complex and many legitimate claims are denied. An attorney can help clients navigate this system and get the benefits they deserve. This includes compensation for any medical care or treatments, as well as lost wages due to the injury.

Disability Insurance

Many employers provide disability insurance to help when a non-work related injury causes a person to become unable to work. There are short term policies and long term policies that can help in either situation. Getting a claim approved, however, can sometimes be difficult for the injured party. Fortunately, a Disability Attorney in Ottawa County has experience in these claims and can help those injured get the compensation they need to care for themselves during this difficult time.

Social Security

When any type of injury occurs that prevents a person from ever returning to work, Social Security Disability can provide compensation to help these people provide the support they need for themselves and their families. These disabilities must be expected to last at least a year or result in death to qualify for this coverage. An attorney can assist clients in determining if this option is right for them, as well as assist with the application process.

Becoming disabled and unable to work can be a very difficult time for anyone. Fortunately, there are programs available that can assist in these difficult times. Attorneys, such as those at Bleakley Law Offices P C, offer a variety of services to help disabled people find the right program that will help them through this time. These attorneys can also help fight to get their rightful benefits to ensure their financial security.

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