Get Well With Oncology Doctors In Newton, KS

Get Well With Oncology Doctors In Newton, KS

Cancer is a serious diagnosis, but it does not have to be fatal. Increasingly, patients are turning to Cancer Centers for treatment. Patients are diagnosed and receive a variety of treatments aimed at getting well. The idea is to give the patient every possible treatment to help them. At Cancer Center of Kansas, patients may receive chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. In addition, traditional treatments are combined with complementary therapies in integrative medicine.

Oncology Doctors in Newton KS treat patients with hormonal, targeted and biological therapies. Breast cancer and prostate cancer can be caused by hormones. Doctors have had success through the years using drugs that stop hormone production or their actions. On the other hand, targeted therapy is designed to treat cancer cells, only, without damaging nearby tissues and organs. Targeted therapy is unlike chemotherapy and radiation where some healthy cells may also be damaged. Biological therapy uses a variety of methods to stimulate the immune system. Hopefully, the immune system will destroy the cancer cells.

Oncology Doctors in Newton KS believe and treat each patient as the different individual they are, and so is their cancer. Their philosophy is that each cancer should be treated separately. For example, not everyone receives surgery and/or chemotherapy. These doctors believe there are other tools in their arsenal which may work better. For instance, stem cell transplants are regularly used to treat patients with lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma. Further, research shows transplants helps to shrink some solid tumors. Bone marrow transplants are effective on different cancers, as well.

Here, patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. These trials test new medicines and treatment methods. Some patients can benefit from participating in the trials. Most clinical trials evaluate new medicines that are trying to get FDA approval. No one has access to the medicine except patients in the trials. Likewise, some clinical trials study drugs that have FDA approval. The doctors are evaluating the best dosages and combinations for the medication. Some patients may be happier with more conventional treatment, while others may prefer an experimental clinical trial. The important thing is that sick people have options for treatment.

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