Consequences for Violating Jail Bail Bonds

Consequences for Violating Jail Bail Bonds

Jail bonds, otherwise known as bail bonds, can help a person get out of jail quickly. A friend or family member will need to secure the bond for the person using a percentage of the bail amount or collateral that’s worth more than the bail amount. Once this is done, the person can be released until their hearings are complete. However, there are consequences that can occur if the person ignores the terms of the bail bond.

Jail bail bonds typically include terms that state the person must attend all hearings and must avoid being arrested again. Some allow an attorney to go to the hearings instead of the person, but it’s important to be careful and make sure this is allowed. If the person does not attend a hearing, the bond may be revoked. They’ll have a bench warrant put out for their arrest. Once arrested, they’ll need to remain in jail until their hearings are completed. They won’t be able to get a second bond since they didn’t complete the terms of the first one. In the future, they may find it hard to get a bond at all.

On top of being arrested again, the bondsman will not receive the bail they paid back again. Since they won’t get their money back, the person who secured the bond either needs to pay the remaining percentage or forfeit their collateral. Typically, the remaining percentage will be 90% of the original bail amount and the collateral will be worth more than the amount of bail originally ordered. This means the person who secured the bail will be out quite a bit of money.

When securing jail bail bonds, it’s important to think about the consequences and ensure the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefits. Anyone who is considering a bail bond will walk to speak with a bondsman to ensure they understand all of the terms of the bond before they agree to them. Most bondsmen are available 24 hour a day and are willing to discuss the entire process if a person isn’t familiar with it. Give them a call today to learn more.

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