The Versatility of Digi-Star Load Cells

A load cell is a transducer that converts the force of an object on a scale into a measurable electrical output. The most commonly used type in the weighing industry is the strain gage load cell that can be read on the scale by the operator. Pneumatic load cells are sometimes used where intrinsic safety and hygiene are desired, and hydraulic load cells are considered in remote locations, as they do not require a power supply. The accuracy of strain gage load cells are within 0.03% to 0.25% of full scale and are suitable for many agricultural and industrial applications.

Ones that are designed for use in the agricultural environment are Digi-Star load cells. They can withstand the harm to the load cell that they can experience over time as livestock move around the platform and other agricultural equipment bang the scale.

Load Cell Types
In addition to the strain-based load cell, digi-star load cells are available in other shapes and sizes.

Tension and compression load cells are made of welded stainless steel, have a low profile, and are very versatile. Their accuracy is best when monitoring compression and tension forces in harsh industrial environments.

Compression load cells that are miniature and subminiature in size can weigh high-capacity loads within a minimum available space and are best used in industrial weighing applications, prototype structures and farming weighing applications. Ones of a heavy duty nature also have a low profile, rugged construction made of stainless steel and typically use metric configurations.

Applications requiring water tightness and high accuracy are best served by platform load cells. These are built with foil strain gages that are bonded and can offer off-center load compensation which is useful for scales that need to be accurate, even when the objects to be measured are placed anywhere on a loading platform. Their performance is best in compact and versatile units and hoppers.

Uses of Digi-Star Load Cells
Because of the many types of shapes and sizes of these load cells, they can be used in a variety of applications such as spindle load cells in grain cart scales and a diameter-bar round shaft load cell in a platform scale.

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