Getting A House Ready For Sale

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Real Estate

Selling a home is a big decision. The move may be necessary to cut costs, or maybe the ever-expanding family needs more room. Maybe the house is perfect, but the big promotion at work unfortunately came with a transfer across the country, so it’s necessary to pack up and move out. No matter what the reason for selling a home, there are a few tips that will help to make the house stand out above the rest, leading to a quicker sale, and hopefully a better price.

When hiring a real estate agent, such as one from Furman Realty, they’ll explain the importance of improving curb appeal for any home on the market. Potential buyers will pass by a home, judging it only from the outside. If they don’t like what they see, even if the inside may be just what they’re looking for, they won’t open the door. Make certain the house looks inviting and well-tended to from the outside. Pressure clean, if needed, keep the yard neat and tidy and remove any clutter. By doing these things, there is a better chance to get buyers in the door to look around.

Most Realtors suggest that the homeowner not be in the home during a showing or an open house. It’s much more difficult for potential buyers to feel comfortable in the home with the owner lurking around the corner. Likewise, if there are animals in the home, make accommodations for them during this time, as some buyers are not pet friendly. Before leaving the home, always open blinds and curtains and turn on the lights in the home. A bright and cheerful house gives a much better impression than a dark and dreary home.

It’s important that potential buyers feel the house has plenty of room. If the closets are full, box up some of the items to make more room. Nobody wants to open a door to a stuffed closet. It gives the impression that there won’t be enough room in the home for their items. Use the same theory in the rooms of the house. Clear out clutter, unnecessary furniture and decor. Make the rooms look as spacious as possible.

The agent from Furman Realty may encourage sellers to Visit the Website to find additional tips to make a house ready to sell. A little work may bring a faster sale at a better price.

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