Reasons to Consider the Idea of a Garden Wedding in Chicago, IL

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Wedding / Venues  

Now that the question has been asked and answered, it’s time to start making wedding plans. While some couples like the idea of exchanging their vows in a house of worship or similar indoor setting, others will find that an outdoor wedding is more to their liking. Here are some of the reasons to consider the idea of organizing a garden wedding in Chicago, IL.

Part of the Decorating is Already Done

It’s hard to beat the beauty that comes from nature. An ideal setting for a garden wedding in Chicago, IL will already include all sorts of trees, arbors, flowerbeds, and other natural elements that provide the ideal setting for the event. That makes the process of choosing the other elements necessary to make the site perfect for the wedding all the easier. In fact, the elements already in place will provide inspiration for what needs to be added.

Room For Everyone

One of the drawbacks of holding a wedding ceremony inside is that there is a limit on how many guests can be in attendance. While the garden will also have a limit, there’s usually more room to work with in terms of planning the guest seating. If the couple would prefer to have more people participate in their big day, going outdoors does make sense.
Fresh Air and Sunshine

Even larger indoor venues can begin to feel a little stuffy after a time. Choosing to hold the ceremony in a garden ensures there is an open feel that is impossible to cultivate any other way. In addition, people who may feel a little anxious in a closed setting will be much more comfortable with plenty of room, sunlight, and fresh air to enjoy. This approach can be especially helpful when one or two relatives seem to have difficulty determining how much cologne or perfume happens to be enough.

Before making any concrete plans, click here and learn more about what can be done with garden weddings. After talking with a planner and going over the options, it will be easy to decide if this type of setting is right for the couple or if some other setting would be best.

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