3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Reception Halls in San Jose, CA

Location can be everything, especially when it comes to your wedding. The location you choose acts as a backdrop for all of your events and activities, in addition to the pictures you’ll hang onto forever. It’s important to choose the right wedding venue, but have you thought about the reception yet?

Wedding receptions are one of the most important parts of the day. After the ceremony, you and your new spouse along with your friends and family will have time to celebrate and make memories together. There are a few things you should factor in when choosing a location to make your reception a success. Here are 3 quick tips when considering wedding reception halls in San Jose, CA.


Above all else, you should choose a location you love. Your reception should take place somewhere you find comfortable as well as in a place you believe suits your wedding and your style.

Don’t forget to make sure your wedding reception isn’t too far away from your wedding ceremony location. As a general rule, wedding reception halls should be accessible and no more than 15-20 minutes away from the location of your ceremony.


Before you begin looking, you should at least have a rough estimate for your guest list. Depending on how large your wedding will be, this will influence your reception hall choice. It can be tough to narrow your guest list down right away, so be sure to get the building capacity when you’re checking out different locations for wedding reception halls.


Last but not least, you’ll need to factor in your budget. You need to create a comprehensive budget for your wedding, including an individual budget for your wedding reception and the cost of renting a hall. Be sure your budget is manageable for you and your future spouse to handle as well. Browse our website for affordable wedding reception options.

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